L49 Guava

L49 Guava Plant

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BrandL49 GUAVA TypeFRUIT PLANT HybridYes UseOutdoor

Due to our proficiency of this field, we are engaged in presenting L49 Guava Plant. We are presenting these products to customers within given time-frame.

Some of the major varieties of guava are as follows: -
Allahabad Safeda,
Sardar 49 Lucknow,
Apple guava,
Allahabad Surkha,
Better coconut,
Red Fleshed, etc.
The guava tree starts giving fruits only after 2 years. If the tree is well maintained in the beginning, then it can get good production for 30-40 years. Most guava plants in the country are produced by seeds, but it is believed that this causes variation in the trees. Therefore, emphasis is being laid on preparing plants by botanical method. Kalmi guava plant is available from the nursery at the rate of 20 to 25 rupees per plant. The months of July, August and September are considered suitable for planting the plant. Plantation in irrigated areas can also be done in the months of February and March. Planting guava plants at a distance of 5 × 5 meters or 6 × 6 meters is more beneficial. Irrigation of small guava trees should be good. So that the soil where the roots are, can be kept moist. After the tree grows, irrigation should be done at an interval of 10 to 15 days. Maintenance of the garden the leaves start yellowing on the top of most trees only after the rain and the branches of the trees start drying up one after the other. Therefore maintenance should be done. During December to February, after harvesting trees, sufficient new buds are formed. For the spread and development of these buds, management should be done in May. Due to this, the crop is good in winter. Similarly, in May, the buds from trees that have been pruned should be managed in October. By doing this, the crop is good in the rainy season.