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The almond tree is a deciduous tree (it loses its leaves seasonally) with average height of 20 feet (6 meters). It belongs to the Rosaceae family.

The almond tree is one of the oldest nut trees that were cultivated by humans. Almond tree is cultivated mostly in US (Central California, Arizona, Texas, Georgia) and in countries like Spain, Italy, Iran, Syria, Morocco and Australia. During the last two decades, California Almond production has tripled, making California account for over 80% of world supply. The average almond tree enters maturity period (and hence can produce good yields) from the 8th year of its age. Its life expectancy is estimated at 50 years.

The Best Almond Varieties in India1. California Paper ShellThis mid to late season variety features a papery shell of a light brown hue. Kernels are excellent flavored but are susceptible to bird damage.2. Shalimar

This mid-season variety features large-sized nuts with pointed ends. It has a light brown shell and carries a distinctive crunchy flavor.

3. Nonpareil

The elongated nuts comprise a pale brown colored thin shell. This early maturing variety produces thick nuts with medium-sized kernels.

4. Merced

This mid to late-season variety produces flat and light brown nuts. The light-colored kernel is encased within a papery shell.

5. Pranyaj

Its medium-sized almonds are in flat to bulging shape. Its shells are thin and have a darker tone comparatively.

6. Mukhdoom

The plumpy kernels are covered with a light-colored and semi-soft shell. The variety is mid to late season bearing.

7. IXL
The brownish nuts of IXL consist of a softshell of an intermediate color. The kernels are plumpy and medium in size.8. Drake

These small to medium-sized nuts appear in light cream to light brown shades. The roundish nuts are narrow at one end.

9. Ne Plus Ultra

Also known as ‘Neplus’, it features a flat and long kernel encased within an elongated shell. The almonds have slight wrinkles but are well-sealed.

10. Waris
The almond registered the highest breadth size of 20.42 mm. The medium size almond is bulged at one side and pointed at the apex.

11. Peerless

This early flowering variety bears medium to large-sized nuts. It’s well-sealed and the hard shell sets this variety apart from others.

12. Primorskij

Recorded with the heaviest kernel and nut weight, Primorskij is popular for the highest shelling percentage. These almonds with papery shells perform best in the Kashmiri climate.

13. MontereyThe almonds of Monterey mature lately and produces large and elongated nuts. The kernels are encased within a soft and well-sealed shell.14. Sonora

Medium to large-sized almonds of Sonora variety produces elongated and light-colored kernels. The shell is paper-thin.

15. Fritz

This is one of the heavy yielding and early maturing variety that produces small to medium-sized kernels.

16. RubyThis almond variety matures late and is popular for its semi-hard shell. Its kernel comes in medium to small-size.